Happy New Year! 

Wow I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed. So much happened in 2016 and it all feels like a big blur now. I had two massive projects I was working on, one i have completed and one I’m just finishing up with as well as our own full house renovation and a move. I didn’t have much time to dedicate to my blog and that totally stressed me out so this year I am hoping to get in front of my computer and share more with my readers. 🙂

I love January as it’s a fresh start and a great time to look at the coming year and plan how I want that to look. I’m going to make a few changes to my business as I feel things could be simplified more and my motto for 2017 will be to work smarter not harder! 

Even though I didn’t write as many blog posts as I wanted to last year here are the top 10 from 2016:

1. The Perfect Neutral Paint Colour – I love this colour and used it in all the bathrooms in my own renovation and will continue to use it in projects in 2017. 

2. Top 4 Porcelain Tiles That Look Like Marble – This is one of the most popular pinnes off my Pinterest page. 

3. Best Sherwin Williams Warm Grays – I think paint colours are what people have the most challenges with so I love sharing my favourites. 

4. Choosing Backsplash Tile For Busy Granite Countertops – I worked with a few clients online that read this post and decided they needed some design help.

{jackson stoneworks}

5. Best Sherwin Williams Cool Grays Again, I love sharing paint colours and cool grays are the colours I recommend the most to clients.

6. Doorless Glass Showers Yay or Nay? I really like the look of a doorless shower but one thing I have now discovered is that it can get chilly. We designed this for our master ensuite and ended up putting in a glass door. So unless you are in a warmer climate I wouldn’t recommend this. 


7. Choosing Exterior Paint Colours A Few Things To Consider – It’s not easy choosing exterior paint colours and it’s not an easy fix if you mess up so I’m not surprised this was a popular post and I hope I helped some people make good decisions.


8. Choosing Paint Colours For My Renovation – I was excited to share the process and the colours I chose for my house renovation. 


9. Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table Knockoff – I can’t tell you how much I love this coffee table! It was a lot of work but well worth it. 


10. Choosing Wood Floors Engineered vs Solid Hardwood This is an ongoing question I get from clients. One of my projects we did the upper levels in hardwood and the lower in engineered and I swear you can’t tell the difference. Some are against engineered wood because they don’t think you can refinish it but you can. Maybe not as much as solid but I don’t know anyone that has refinished their floors more than once. 

Paint colours still seem to be the most popular posts so I will keep them coming. If there is anything you would like to see more information on let me know in the comments below.

Happy Decorating! 

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