Yeah it’s Friday! It has been a long week with the time change and for some reason this one has been hard to get used to. It is nice that it is lighter later in the evenings and I fell like summer is just around the corner!

We still have a few “to do’s” on our list from our renovation and one of them was to complete our storage area. We turned the old garage into an office for my hubby and myself and a storage room. We’re almost finished the office space but last weekend we painted the storage area. My husband is an electrical contractor so the storage space is mostly his work stuff and his guys are in and out all the time so I was a little concerned about them banging the door and trim and I would constantly be wiping it down if it was painted white. So I decided to paint it Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168. I have never used this colour before and I am in love with it! If you know me, I tend to lean towards really light colours so this was a pleasant surprise. 

Here is a picture of the door and trim. It’s not pretty because it’s a storage area and it’s not 100% finished yet but you get the idea.

I think I love it because it’s a darker gray that doesn’t look too blue therefore it has a more classic feel to it. Here are some really pretty pictures of this gorgeous paint colour. I love love love it with the gold accents in this bathroom below. 


What a beautiful bedroom 🙂 The mirrored dresser adds a nice touch of Lux! 


This kitchen is stunning! I’m not one that usually likes a different colour island but this has change my mind. It looks really pretty with the darker wood floors also and it just warms up this space. Again with the gold accents. 


Ahhh….so pretty! 


Absolutely gorgeous with the marble floors. 


This nursery feels so warm and cozy.


I really love this colour and I think I am going to explore it some more in the future. Have you ever used this colour and if so where? 

Happy Decorating!

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