I am over the moon excited about having a new dining room table built. It’s going to be a big rustic trestle table. I’m going to finish it with a vinegar and steel wool concoction. (I can’t wait to share) I need to get new chairs and have been searching for ones that catch my eye. One look that I am contemplating is mix matched dining chairs. Which is really odd for me as I like things to match and everything needs to be in its place??  But I love the look if it’s done right. The key to mixing and matching chairs is to keep some sort of uniformity. Here are a few tips to make sure your mixing and matching doesn’t look like a hodge podge of chairs 🙂

1. Different styles but the same colour- you can have different styles but if they are all the same colour they look like they belong together.



2. The same style but different colours

Um, how cute is this little kitchen nook. Love the bright colours. 🙂 

3. Similar design but different upholstery



4. Mix rustic and modern

5. Different styles but same wood tones – this is the lovely Jillian Harris’ kitchen table and it was my inspiration to mix and match chairs. Love love love this look.


Mixing and matching chairs is an easy way to save money because you can shop in second hand and antique stores to find them. For me I have chosen to do all white mix matched chairs (which I’m sure I will have to paint) and I can’t wait to start hunting the used furniture stores for them!